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"Jessica has been nanny to our son & daughter for nearly 5 years. It would be impossible to overstate how wonderful the experience has been for our entire family.


It's easy to take the little things for granted when hiring short-term babysitting/child-care. But when someone works with your children day-in & day-out, they really stand out. Things like being punctual--the kids' days are always full of activity (pre-school, soccer, gymnastics, etc.) and Jess always manages to get them to everything on time and with no drama!

Also, keeping the kids engaged, and keeping things fresh. No matter what season it is, their days are always chock full of interesting activities. Games, craft projects, reading, music, costume parties- we never hear the word "bored"!

After 5 years of spending their days with her, our kids are polite, smart, confident, and happy-- and we owe a great deal of it to Jessica. Simply cannot recommend her strongly enough."


—  Jeff & Janene M.


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