Frequently Asked Questions


What do you look for in an employer/family?


The best joy for me when caring for children is to see the children excel in their abilities, behaviors, personal growths and milestones. I’m usually the one jumping up and down right along with mom and dad. I am a big kid at heart, often showing my enthusiasm for life by having just as much fun as the children. This enthusiasm for the simple pleasures in life has made me a favorite role model amongst many little ones.

I was raised in an All-American Family with a strong focus on Traditional Core Family Values, Community Service, Volunteerism and Cultural Experiences. This is what I look for most in the families I work with. I also enjoy creating an open line of communication with my families, often writing down how we spent the time while mom and dad were away.

I love working families that foster a healthy, positive employment relationship and open communication allowing the nanny autonomy to navigate their responsibilities. I am open to families that wish to maintain privacy and would rather the nanny be in the background and a family that welcomes the nanny into the family dynamic.

What makes you stand out from other people in your field?

My attention to professionalism and professional development is what sets me apart from my peers in the industry. If you asked a child, the answer would be "Nanny Jess" is fun, she always comes prepared with a game plan or lesson plan along with supplies and we never even notice mom and dad are away! We're having too much fun!

Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?

No, 100% Clean Driving and Criminal Record. A Current Background Check can be provided.

Are you OK if a job runs later than planned?

Yes, I usually confirm with my clients prior to the booking or at the end of a work week with a full time family about times/schedules and discuss if I can allow the booking to run over. Often, I tell parents that they have no curfew and to enjoy their time away. For a Full Time position, I would communicate regularly with the parents of any needed scheduling adjustments. For Travel/Vacation/Temp positions, I remain flexible with scheduling needs as to provide a wonderful travel experience. Open lines of communication are essential to a successful Nanny experience!

Do you have reliable transportation?

I have a 2012 Toyota Corolla equipped with two 5-point harness booster seats if needed for occasional transportation of the children in my care.

Background and Experience

How many years have you been working with children?

20+ years


What child care roles have you done in the past?

Children’s Progressive Swim Instructor, Lifeguard, Previous Volunteer with The Fresh Air Fund, Full Time Nanny, Travel/Vacation Nanny​

How many families have you cared for and how old were the children?

Children Ranging in ages for 6 weeks- preteen. I have worked with multiple families. Upwards of 30 (Not including swim classes.) I have been teaching for over 20 years with each class averaging 10 students ages 3- Teen. I work with families for full time needs, occasional needs, special events, local vacationing families and I am a  Travel/Vacation Nanny. Willing to travel Domestically & Internationally. Passport ready.

What is your favorite age group to work with?

I have extensive experience with infants, toddlers, school age and preteens and although I love those little ones and the challenge of teaching Social Emotion Learning and tracking development, I also love the joy in experiencing many "firsts" with my charges such as teaching confidence and passing on the love I share in exploring my environments.

I also love the older children even more because they are physically able to do more and often up for just as much adventure as I am!

Do you have specific child care experience in [Examples: Special needs, potty training, infant care, etc.]

I have experience with autistic children and welcome special needs children. I often try not to treat them any different while being aware of their abilities and we end up having a blast! I have successfully potty trained two children, a girl and 3 boy and have advanced training in infant care as a trained Newborn Care Specialist. I am also a Certified Positive Parenting Educator and a Pediatric Sleep Trainer.

 I welcome unique situations and often create an individualized game plan for the time I spend with your children.

Nanny Circumstances

What is your course of study in school or what is your full time job?

Children's Progressive Swim Instructor, Previous Fresh Air Fund volunteer, Red Cross CPR, AED, First Aid and Lifeguard Certified, Lifeguard 20+ Years, Previous Long Term Full Time Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Youth Mental Health First Aid USA Certified


Communication Essentials for Nannies & Family Assistants, International Travel Preparation, Safety and Wellness, Top Notch Family Assistant Training, Respectful Care for Newborns, Infants & Toddlers, Loving Boundaries, Car Seat Safety, International Travel Preparation Safety and Wellness, Beyond Newborn Care, Foundations and Resiliency in Infants and Toddlers, Child Nutrition and Cooking, National COVID Ready Caregiver Certification, Teaching Young Children Virtually, Encouraging Curiosity Using A Play Based Curriculum, US Nanny Association Member, International Nanny Association Member, Pediatric Sleep Training, Parenting from Love Workshop, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Training, Child Led Curriculum/ Lesson Plans Workshop, Child Abuse Prevention for Professional Caregivers, Connection Centered Discipline Nanny Certification, Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Schools and Homes, Red Cross Advanced Child Care Training, International Nanny Training Day 2017, 2018, 2019, Nannypalooza 2021

2021 US Nanny Institute graduate for Professional Childcare.


I have fulfilled course requirements in General Psychology, Child Development, Principles of Sociology, Health, YMCA Listen First Training and YMCA Working With Families; providing an essential educational background to successfully perform your job requirements.


Please refer to my resume for a complete list of credentials.

Do you have any allergies to cats, dogs or other animals?


Are you uncomfortable around or scared of any particular pets?

No, well maybe spiders and snakes. Please keep them caged!​

Do you have any particular religious affiliation that might affect the way you care for our children?


How have you been protecting yourself against the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic?

I live self isolated (alone) in my home of 20 years in Upstate New York, in a county 3.5 hours north of NYC with a population of 61,500 versus NYC at 8.3 million people. Our active cases are tracked on a daily basis and currently trend very low.

For daily reports of Covid-19 statistics for Washington County New York, please visit

I have been practicing social distancing when out in public with very limited outings and follow CDC guidelines such as wearing PPE and sanitizing shoes and groceries as they enter my home. I have a N95 mask to travel with or to use for employment purposes.

To become better educated on safe practices to combat Covid-19 and better serve my clients, in April 2020, I became certified in National Covid Ready Caregiver Certification by Nextstep and National Domestic Workers Alliance.

What are some of your interests/hobbies?

I am extremely athletic and enjoy exercise daily. I swim and cycle competitively and willing to try new activities. I'm an adventurer and world traveler at heart, often checking off extreme bucket list checks such as zip lining on record sets.

Do you have any visible tattoos or piercings?

YES, I have a small eye brow piercing that is permanent (not removable) and I do have several visible tattoos all done in good taste, taking professionalism into account.

Side Hand: quote

Inner Forearms: snowflakes, rose, large angel wing that also wraps a portion of front arm 

Chest: inspirational quote, watercolor birds 

Shoulder: abstract flowing lines, heart 

Foot Base: Inspirational quote, simple graphic monkey

*I support body art as a form of character and integrity expression. It is possible to cover most pieces with a long sleeve shirt, if needed, to be presentable in formal environments and cultures where body art is not acceptable. I welcome clients that support my personal decisions in regards to self expression through tastefully chosen body art.

**I am willing to sign a release of liability or injury for the presence of the non-removable eye brow piercing.

The piercing is so tiny (3 times smaller than average piercing), it presents minimal threat of injury to children or myself. My corrective eyeglasses are much more a risk to being compromised in an employment setting. 

Do you have a social media account?

Facebook @NYTravelNanny


Training and Safety

Do you know First Aid?

Yes, Certified Red Cross​

Do you know CPR?

Yes, Certified Red Cross

Are you familiar with the Heimlich maneuver?

Yes, Certified Red Cross​

Can you swim?

Yes, Certified Red Cross Lifeguard-Actively employed as a Lifeguard for 20+ years, Children’s Progressive Swim Instructor, Adult Aquatic Fitness Instructor​​

Are you familiar with emergency numbers?

Yes, and I ask the parents to leave a list of contact numbers in case of an emergency.​

Can you drive in an emergency?



Responsibilities and Tasks

Are you OK assisting with homework, possibly making dinner and/or doing light housework?

Yes, my Occasional Services come with a sweep of your floors (for the safety of your children in an environment I am not familiar with) counters cleaned and dishes washed. I often come with educational as well as physical activities and would be very willing to help with homework.

Within a Full Time Nanny Position, I comply with the Industry Standards using the accepted definition of "Light Housekeeping Duties of a Nanny."


The Standard Quote used by most Nanny agencies to describe appropriate Light Housekeeping Duties for a Nanny states "Any duties directly related to the children can be included as responsibilities of your Nanny."


Examples: Preparing meals, Maintaining the kitchen, maintaining common area floors used by the children, children's rooms, children's laundry and organizing play areas and toys.​

​**Other tasks can be accommodated as a Family/Household Manager or for Travel Nanny Services**

I am very flexible to a client's needs.

Please describe your comfort level and experience with cooking for families.

I love to research and implement healthy food choices within the clients I work for. By looking up a single ingredient, it becomes an adventure to see what creativity and inspiration can create. By getting children involved in the process, they are more apt to try new, healthy foods. I am grain free and sugar free and enjoy sharing healthy meal ideas with my employers.​

Are you comfortable working for a parent that works from Home?

Yes, I am extremely comfortable working right along with parents and extended family. My Full Time Nanny Parent's work from home. It’s great to have them present for the children anytime their children need them.​


Can you travel with a family if we need you to?

Yes, with prior notice. I can accommodate any needs! I gladly welcome the opportunity to work and travel!


Newborn Care

Are you comfortable sitting for newborns?

Yes, I have experience working with newborns (references can be provided) to teens. Newborn Care Specialist​

What is your experience caring for newborns?

I have taken on Occasional Bookings for families with newborns and began employment with my previous and current Full Time Nanny Family when their child was  6 months old. I am an "Auntie" to 4 boys and many of my friends have children. I am very comfortable around infants and have even assisted in infant lead swim classes.

Newborn Care Specialist​

Can you change a diaper?

Yes, with my eye’s closed! I have mastered the stand-up technique!​

Do you know infant CPR?

Yes, Certified Red Cross​

Do you know about SIDS and how to prevent it?

Yes, my previous Full Time Nanny Mom was terrified during her daughter’s 1st Year. The kids slept on their backs with no blankets or accessories in the sleeping area until they were 2 years old. Always use a fan on to circulate the air flow and a humidifier in dry weather. They slept in sleep sacks for safety and I had video monitor I carried everywhere. I performed sleep checks every 30 minutes.​

Do you have experience preparing and heating formula?

Yes, use luke warm water Only, to warm a bottle. Do not use a microwave. Always test it on your forearm. Same with bath water and sink water.​

Are you familiar with Shaken Baby Syndrome?

​Yes, I must attend a training every year that deals with child abuse for continued employment at the YMCA. I have also completed course requirements for Child Abuse Prevention For Professional Caregiver. I am a mandated reporter by law as a Nanny in New York State as well as an employee of the YMCA. I firmly believe that behavior can be altered by distraction to another environment such as moving to another room or by implementing positive child care approaches. I am certified in Positive Discipline for Nannies and I come with a pocket full of distractions. Music being a very positive way to distract a child that is having a difficult time.

Do you know the proper size for baby chewables and how to prevent choking?

I am an active lifeguard of 20+ years. I once took a CPR certification with long time Medics. They said the number one choking food was hot dogs followed by grapes and the public could help them out and save lives by cutting them in four vs in half. I will never forget that comment.  As a lifeguard, I will probably be more in tuned to safety than the average Joe. In terms of food, I would rather be over-safe than have an issue that requires first aid assistance.​

Can you tell if a room is childproofed?

That’s the 1st thing I do when arriving on a job! I am lifeguard. My #1 job is to ensure the safety of the children in my care.

I will arrive on a job and immediately ensure the environment is safe, as I am not familiar with your home. I will then occupy the children with an activity and immediately address any concerns to correct the environment and make it safe for the children.


Are you comfortable driving kids in the car?

Yes, I often transport my Full Time Nanny children.​ I have a fully maintained 2012 Toyota Corolla equipped with two 5-point harness booster seats if needed.

May we obtain a copy of your driver’s license?

Yes, Absolutely!​

How many years have you been driving?

30 years​

Do you have any marks against your driving record (speeding tickets, accidents, etc)?