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Childcare Philosophy

As a Professional In-Home Child Care Specialist, it is important that my childcare style, childcare philosophy, discipline style, experience, and education align cohesively with the family's to create a successful Nanny/Parent/Child relationship that allows the children to grow successfully in a positive environment.

I believe in creating a nurturing, positive, inclusive environment with an emphasis on fun, excitement and laughter while maintaining a strong vigilance of safety hazards and a focus on consistency, structure, routines and schedules.

Routines and structure help a child feel in control of their environment, feel safe, secure and comfortable, know what is happening now and what comes next, establishes expectations, creates a calmer environment, gives a child confidence and independence, establishes healthy habits and offers stability during times of change or stress. A consistent routine and schedule will also help your child and the internal body with many functions such as the ability to sleep or nap, their ability to eat a healthy diet, their ability to engage in healthy play and have regular bowel movements. 

It is also important that I remain flexible in routines, structure and techniques to allow for spontaneity, "teachable moments," creativity and to stay sensitive and adaptable to the needs of the child so that the child feels empowered rather than controlled and gains self-confidence and independence as a result.

It is important that I recognize and promote developmental milestones through play based learning, age appropriate educational and developmental activities and self expression such as language building and music. I utilize music in all forms on a daily basis for redirection, transitions, movement/fun and a tool for emotional growth.  I believe in a strong emphasis on learning in natural environments. Childhood is a time of belonging, being and becoming. Children learn about the world through engaging creative play, imaginative play, experimentation, relationships and social interactions.

Through play, children explore and learn to understand the world around them. They learn cognitive, social emotional skills, practice physical tasks and improve the fine/gross motor skills they need to be successful in life. They develop problem solving skills, curiosity, intentionality, flexibility and language skills. 

I encourage a sense of belonging, self awareness, self esteem and promote character foundational skills such as honesty, respect, caring , kindness and responsibility. I assist children in becoming independent, capable and confident learners and believe strongly in involving children in the wider community and community service activities. 

I support Social-Emotional Development through advanced SEL education and Positive Discipline approaches. Every moment becomes a "Teachable Moment." I focus on helping a child learn how to navigate their decisions and emotions by offering compassionate understanding through connection, education of appropriate tools and coping skills to manage their responses and emotions.

I am certified as a Positive Discipline Parenting Educator and became certified not to teach adults, but rather it's what the children needed from me. My job is not to c
orrect a child's behavior, rather to connect first, show empathy and understanding and help a child navigate their decisions and feelings by empowering and equipping them with the skills needed to be successful and positive members of society. This involves setting age appropriate boundaries and expectations in a kind and firm manner, maintaining consistent boundaries and guidelines, creating routines and handling discipline/ behavior issues in an affirming, respectful way using tools that empower a child, natural consequences and respectful care.

I promote child nutrition, making healthier food choices and healthy meal planning by creating balanced child-friendly meals and teaching cooking and baking skills with even the youngest groups of children. Studies have shown that when kids eat better, they do better in every area of their development.

I flourish in positions that allow for the autonomy to plan and execute the day, provide positive discipline/guidance and plan appropriate activities with respect to pre-scheduled activities. I am also very flexible and a team player on positions such as vacation needs where flexibility and adaptability are essential.
 I am very accustomed and comfortable with a work from home dynamic and can be just as silly around parents as I can with the children in my care. I am a great multi-tasker and can easily seek out solutions without direction. I am a functional communicator and like to share process, detail and well thought out activity and lesson plans.

I maintain a commitment to professionalism by focusing on continuing education and professional development opportunities.  I continually source out opportunities that will enhance my field knowledge and will allow me to stay up to date on child developmental and professional caregiver curriculum. I am familiar with several childcare pedagogical practices such as the Pikler approach, RIE, the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy, Montessori and the Waldorf Steiner educational approach and can easily implement and facilitate all approaches.
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